The implementation of complex medical devices and networks requires a talented, well-trained team. Progressive Healthcare Solutions provides this team to your company. Our technicians are experienced and highly skilled in the seamless installation, operation, and support of the networking solutions your healthcare customers need. We are capable of providing our installation services in any healthcare environment.

At Progressive, we understand that when you contract our team to provide your customers with device installation and training, we’re representing your company. This is a responsibility that we do not take lightly. The team we provide you with are caring and compassionate with excellent customer interaction skills in addition to their technical expertise. While our team members are in the field, we will actively track their time and work through our NetOps center, which is

How We Help in Healthcare Facilities

Properly installing networks and devices in a busy hospital or similar healthcare facility can be a difficult task. The team Progressive Healthcare provides you with has been carefully put together and trained for this type of project. Our focus throughout the installation process is to avoid affecting the day to day work of the staff and any other operations.

The environments of these hospitals and other healthcare facilities are constantly changing and in a state of flux. The Progressive Healthcare team is expertly trained to adapt to these changes. When you have a Progressive team working for you, they are constantly focused on meeting all safety and regulatory standards. The security of your confidential medical data is paramount, and we take this seriously. Our work is compliant with HIPPA.

In addition to streamlined installation services, our team will also take the time to make sure that the medical staff understand how to use the device or network. After the installation, we can continue to provide IT support.

Patient Monitoring

Because of how fast-paced hospitals can be, along with the finite amount of staff, properly monitoring each patient can be a challenge. Thankfully, modern technology provides healthcare facilities with the ability to monitor patients remotely and in a way that provides them with pertinent data without having to be bedside. A properly-installed system provides clinicians and other medical staff with real-time data, which enables real-time care and helps prevent the need to constantly move the patient to multiple environments. No matter what floor or building your patient may be moved to, you’ll still be connected and have access to all of the necessary data.

The capabilities of modern patient monitoring systems can be especially beneficial for patients with chronic conditions. The Progressive Healthcare team is adept at installing these types of systems and helping your staff get the most out of them.

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How We Help with Homecare

Another focus of Progressive Healthcare is providing installation and the necessary training for people who live at home and would benefit from the use medical devices. With the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, more and more care is being moved into the home – an option that is made possible through the proper installation of these medical devices.

By installing the devices and training the patient to use them, we give patients the ability to choose where they want to live. These devices reduce readmission to the hospital and improve that person’s life exponentially. Our primary goal is to provide people with everything they need to age well and independently.

Many homecare patients are senior citizens who may not be used to operating newer devices or networks on a daily basis, as some situations may require. Our technicians and engineers are skilled with training people from all walks of life to properly and efficiently use the various technologies they install.

People Enabling Technology for Chronic Conditions

The primary types of medical issues that can be managed with proper home-based care are chronic conditions and diseases, such as:

  • Asthma
  • Diabetes
  • Heart Disease
  • Stroke

When we install medical devices in a patient’s home, we’re helping to empower that patient. This means fewer days spent in the hospital and a more comfortable, normal life during treatment. Patients will receive comprehensive training in the operation of their devices and gain a better understanding of how to manage their condition.

In addition to the convenience of Should the patient recover or otherwise reach a point where the device is no longer needed, we can perform the uninstallation.

Personal Emergency Response

Personal emergency response systems and devices are an important aspect of modern medical technology. They have given many senior citizens the safety and security they need in order to live more independent lives. Progressive Healthcare has experience installing these unique systems, including:

  • Emergency Response
  • Fall Detection
  • Activity Monitoring
  • Medication Management
  • Vitals Monitoring
  • Care Traffic Control