Common Wireless Problems

You and your patients don’t need to know how Wi-Fi works. You just need it to work – and work quickly and reliably every time. Like any other utility such as water or power, your Wi-Fi should always be available when you need it.

The most common problem healthcare facilities face is that Wi-Fi can quickly become slow and congested when too many people connect at once. This is especially true if your users are using streaming services, video calls, and more.

Progressive Healthcare’s Wireless Solutions

Progressive Healthcare Solutions has years of experience implementing wireless networks for the unique needs of healthcare facilities. An effective wireless network implementation depends on numerous factors such as the following and more:

  • The number of people using the network
  • Your users’ network needs
  • The layout of your facility
  • Your facilities building materials

Progressive Healthcare Solutions studies each of these factors in order to implement a wireless network that delivers consistent access to Wi-Fi. When your wireless network is installed well, connectivity issues can all but disappear.

Contact Progressive Healthcare Solutions today to learn how we can provide dependable Wi-Fi for your facility.

Contact Progressive Healthcare Solutions today to learn how we can provide dependable Wi-Fi for your facility.

Wireless Management with NetOps

Keeping your users connected and happy depends on more than an excellently developed network. You need a management solution to proactively monitor and solve threats to your Wi-Fi. NetOps allows our IT engineers to watch your Wi-Fi 24/7 and stop potential threats before they affect your connectivity. This frees you from dealing with IT issues so you can focus on what you do best: managing property and overseeing patients.

Our NetOps services include:

  • Cloud-based management for optimal performance and problem resolution
  • Layer 7 Control for optimal application visibility and performance enhancement
  • Scalable to thousands of users and devices
  • Powerful and intuitive management without the complexity of traditional wireless solutions
  • Simple and customizable guest management
  • Monitoring and alerts to continually protect your private network and confidential data

Managed firewall threat detection, content filtering, IPS, anti-virus and anti-phishing

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