Network & Device Installation

Progressive Healthcare provides a talented, trained, and experienced team to install medical devices and networks for your organization. We can provide these installation services in any healthcare environment, including: 

  • Acute care centers 
  • Assisted living facilities 
  • Clinics 
  • Hospitals 
  • Intensive Care Units (ICU) 
  • Laboratories 
  • Operating rooms 
  • Patient homes  

Healthcare Network Installation 

Securing your confidential medical data is paramount, and we take this seriously and remain compliant with all regulations, including HIPAA. We regularly undergo stringent training to stay updated on industry best practices and ensure quality services.  

Progressive Healthcare boasts hundreds of experienced engineers that can verify designs and install network infrastructure for healthcare organizations. Our team takes the time to understand your specific network needs, and we create innovative solutions to secure your connection and boost productivity. 

We manage the full implementation and installation of your network solution, installing network infrastructure from the ground-up. We can also optimize your healthcare organizations’ existing network to ensure your facility has the infrastructure it needs. 

Adapting to New Healthcare Environments    

Progressive Healthcare understand that the environments of hospitals and other healthcare facilities are constantly changing and in a state of flux. The Progressive Healthcare team is expertly trained to adapt to these changes and install networks with little to no downtime. As telehealth continues to evolve, our team is skilled in assisting healthcare networks in telehealth onboarding, installation, deinstallation, service, and maintenance. 

Medical Device Installation 

We understand that when you contract our team to provide device installationtraining, maintenance, and even retrievalwe’re representing your company. This is a responsibility that we take seriously. Our team is caring and compassionate with excellent customer interaction skills in addition to their technical expertise. 

How We Serve Healthcare Facilities

Installing devices in healthcare facilities can be challenging. Our focus throughout the installation process is to avoid affecting the daytoday work of the staff and any other operations.   

In addition to streamlined medical device installation services, our team will also take the time to make sure that the medical staff understands how to use the device or network. After the installation, we provide continued IT support. 

How We Serve Homecare Patients  

Another focus of Progressive Healthcare is providing installation and training for populations that require Personal Emergency Response Service (PERS) and smart devices, as well as medication-dispensing and remote patient-monitoring equipment. We have processes in place to conduct appointments over the phone, to maximize convenience for the end user.   

By installing the devices and training the patient to use them, we give patients the ability to choose where they want to live. These devices reduce readmission to the hospital and improve that person’s life exponentially. Our goal is to provide the patients with everything they need to age well and live independently, and to meet their needs with compassion when visiting their home. 

Convert From 3G to 4G

Our installation teams can make the conversion from a 3G to 4G-based PERS device in patients’ homes to ensure a strong connection in more dense areas for improved patient outcomes. The closure of most 3G networks is quickly approaching; our team can convert your PERS devices to operate on a 4G network as well as swap equipment and medical devices as needed during conversion.  

Call 1-800-982-8315 to Schedule a Network & Device Installation Consultation with Our Team. 

ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certification

The ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards allow Progressive Healthcare to consistently provide products to enhance customer satisfaction and meet any applicable statutory, regulatory, FDA, and legal requirements. This covers the intent and application to effectively implement and establish the Quality Management System covering activities related to:  

  • Medical Devices  
  • Contractual Servicing or Training for Government, Healthcare, & Commercial Entities   
  • Networking Solutions 

Further, the certification includes contractual services such as project management, installation, implementation, clinical training, and servicing of medical devices. It also includes call center services and management of IT solutions for network infrastructure, wireless, and clinical systems for the markets listed above.