Changing How Work Gets Done

Progressive Healthcare Solutions delivers patient care systems, project management, installation, training, and support for global manufacturers and end users across multiple healthcare markets. Delivering life changing solutions to patients across all care settings from hospital to home, our nation-wide employee network helps organizations capture lost revenue, lower costs, improve SLAs and patient outcomes. Our customers state we enable impressive business outcomes and are a driver of competitive advantage.

We are a division of Progressive Group, a nationally recognized communications and network solutions provider.  

About Our Team

Progressive Healthcare’s team is made up of over 400 employees, featuring 200 certified engineers, RN’s, project managers, RCDD, CCIE, CCNA’s. Our staff is among the most highly skilled, credentialed, and experienced in the industry. Our dedicated W2 staff is designated by the C.D.C. as part of the Phase One essential workforce and boasts experienced nurses and first responders. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we put into place virus-mitigation procedures to ensure the safety of our colleagues and customers, and our customer’s staff, patients, and family members.

Our dynamic approach involves our trained and dedicated W2 staff geographically located in rural and metropolitan markets, meaning we can meet the nationwide demand for talent at the right time and the right place to deliver your business outcomes. Our courteous and professionally trained teams are employees, not sub-contractors available via the web. The PHS Team assures ultimatum customer satisfaction, visibility, effective management, and proven data driven business outcomes. Our nationwide conversion team will effectively and expediently manage you project or transition from concept to conclusion.

We are a drug and alcohol-free company. Our rigorous employment screening criteria include:

  • Vendor Management Credentialed Staff assuring highest standards for hospital to home
  • 10-panel drug screens
  • FACIS level 3
  • Nationwide criminal database search
  • SSN trace
  • Vaccination and PPE compliance

Our Commitment to Your Organization 

Progressive Healthcare commits to creating custom service solutions for your healthcare organization by:  

  • Project creation and management
  • Simplifying device installation & infrastructure   
  • Increasing output  
  • Improving scheduling 
  • Data driven results
  • Staffing and training resources 
  • Implementing last-mile logistics 
  • Expediently converting sunset technologies
  • Increasing speed to market
  • Competitive differentiator
  • Reducing operational cost

Email to Schedule a Consultation with Our Team. 

Our Certifications  

The ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards allow Progressive Healthcare to consistently provide products to enhance customer satisfaction and meet applicable statutory, regulatory, FDA, and legal requirements. Compliance to the ISO standards guides us to effectively implement and maintain the Quality Management System for:

  • Medical Devices
  • Contractual Servicing for Government, Healthcare, & Commercial Entities

These certifications also apply to other contractual services, such as project management, installation, implementation, and servicing of medical devices.

Progressive Healthcare Solutions is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 by DQS, Inc.

ISO standards are globally recognized as ensuring better business, better regulation, and better services. By maintaining our Quality Management System in meeting customer requirements, we demonstrate our adherence to increased regulatory requirements in our services and delivery. Our Quality Management System assures our customers consistent, transparent, targeted, and measured quality.