Preventative Maintenance & Services

Progressive proactively maintains and secures healthcare networks, as opposed to reactively trying to solve a network issue after it happens. Through our Network Operations Center, Progressive Healthcare sets a new industry standard for network service and support by monitoring and managing the network in real-time to identify and solve problems before they reach the end-user.

Specialized Support for Healthcare Organizations

Progressive Healthcare’s managed Wi-Fi solution utilizes our Network Operations Center and offers a solution to issues commonly occurring in high-traffic healthcare facilities. Our highly skilled and certified IT engineers know the complexities of healthcare IT and maintain compliance with HIPAA and other industry regulations.

Our team proactively manages the network to diagnose and solve problems before you notice an issue with the performance of your Wi-Fi solution. With Progressive Healthcare’s Network Operations Center, our network professionals are dedicated to keeping your network at optimal performance. Our team can provide technical support for your healthcare facility, senior housing, and anywhere that needs high speed reliable connectivity.

Solving Healthcare Organization’s Technology Issues

Healthcare facilities face unique connectivity issues that require unique solutions. Some of the most common problems faced include:

  • Congestion
  • Over-utilization
  • Radio-frequency interference
  • Lack of security

We resolve and manage those common problems and more from our Network Operation Center (NOC), Progressive Healthcare’s managed services facility. The NOC is fully staffed 24/7 with a team capable of serving you in multiple languages, ensuring your network will always remain at maximum operational capacity.

The NOC allows us to:

  • See real-time data and information on the availability and health of your entire network
  • Monitor and measure performance of the network and network devices
  • Predict and prevent network problems that lead to downtime
  • Receive alerts when events are detected, allowing us to intervene and prevent downtime
  • Be proactive in managing your network
  • Keep users engaged by reducing downtime and maintaining an optimal operational state

Supplemental Technology Assistance

To further serve healthcare facilities, Progressive Healthcare can act as supplemental support for the IT department overseeing your network health. Our trained, certified professionals offer timely, strategic assistance for any network concerns or issues.

Managed Wi-Fi Services

In addition to a strategically designed network, proactively managing and monitoring your healthcare facility’s Wi-Fi network is imperative. Progressive Healthcare’s Network Operations Center management solution ensures optimal connection and proactive issue remediation. The Network Operations Center allows our IT engineers to monitor your Wi-Fi 24/7 and stop potential threats before they affect your connectivity.

Our Network Operations Center services include:

  • Cloud-based management for optimal performance and problem resolution

  • Layer 7 Control for optimal application visibility and performance enhancement

  • Scalable to thousands of users and devices

  • Powerful and intuitive management without the complexity of traditional wireless solutions

  • Simple and customizable guest management

  • Monitoring and alerts to continually protect your private network and confidential data

  • Managed firewall threat detection, content filtering, IPS, anti-virus, and anti-phishing

ISO 9001;2015 and ISO 13485; FDA 2016 21 CFR820, ISO 14971:2019

The ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards allow Progressive Healthcare to consistently provide products to enhance customer satisfaction and meet any applicable statutory, regulatory, FDA, and legal requirements. This covers the intent and application to effectively implement and establish the Quality Management System covering activities related to:

  • Medical Devices

  • Contractual Servicing or Training for Healthcare & Commercial Entities

  • Networking Solutions

Further, the certification includes contractual services such as project management, installation, implementation, clinical training, and servicing of medical devices. It also includes call center services and management of IT solutions for network infrastructure, wireless, and clinical systems for the markets listed above. Our teams are audited multiple times a year by global accreditation auditors, consistently we receive “no minors, no majors, and no recommendations.”  Let our quality teams reshape how work gets done.

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