Progressive Healthcare Solutions is committed to providing you with a knowledgeable and professional workforce. Our team is committed to providing unmatched consultation, design, installation, and implementation of the quality medical devices you offer. We also provide thorough training on the operation of these devices, whether it’s for a medical staff or a senior at home. Our technicians are experts in logistics and project management. Progressive can provide you with the right staff for the following:

Network & Device Installation

Progressive Healthcare Solutions is capable of expertly installing networks and devices for your healthcare clients. Additionally, our team will make sure that the necessary personnel understand the operation of these devices and networks.

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Infrastructure Planning

Progressive Healthcare Solutions can design and implement network and Wi-Fi infrastructure solutions based on the needs of a healthcare facility. We serve facilities with existing networks as well as new buildings in need of expertly designed infrastructure.

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Voice Solutions

We create converged networks that combine phone and wireless services, a cost-effective solution that provides reliable and secure voice, data, and video.

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Wireless Solutions

Progressive Healthcare Solutions treats Wi-Fi like a utility: it should always work when you need it to. We design efficient and reliable wireless networks in order to minimize connectivity issues and bandwidth congestion.

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Technology Support

We offer managed Wi-Fi through our NetOps program, which proactively detects and eliminates threats to your network before they become an issue.

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