Progressive Healthcare Solutions

Progressive Healthcare Solutions delivers patient care systems project management, installation, training, and support for global manufacturers and end users across multiple modalities.

  • Monitoring

    Progressive Healthcare Solutions plan and implement infrastructure and mobile monitoring systems which reduce the distance between patients and caregivers. Our teams’ stage, install and train on bedside, transport, central station, and mobile applications. We deliver reliable and fast connectivity in coordination with hospital systems IT teams.

  • Ultrasound

    Our teams assure the installation of ultrasound equipment for optimum imaging and visual representation. We offer:

    • Pre installation coordination and support
    • Site audits, and asset management of all inventories
    • Installation and connectivity of network infrastructure and monitors
    • Post install service
    • Upgrading and support all while protecting data security

  • Therapeutic Care

    Progressive Healthcare Solutions skilled and trained technicians, engineers, and RN’s work with your organization to plan, connect, stage, install, test, and provide scheduled service for all resuscitation and emergency prehospital emergency care solutions.

  • Critical Care

    Our knowledgeable, trained, licensed, and certified employees manage and deliver projects in diverse and highly regulated critical care, OR, ICU, or COVID units. We manage the logistics, connectivity, delivery, testing, training, and support of systems for clinical information that drive improvements for quality care and life sustaining technologies.

  • Radiology, Imaging, and Diagnostics

    Radiology and imaging play a significant role in patient healthcare. Radiology and imaging installation projects requires keen project management, communication, and collaboration between the customer, manufacturer, and onsite technical requirements. Progressive Healthcare Solutions project management team will effectively manage quality requirements and contractors for a successful delivery of your imaging system, all while assuring optimum data security.

  • Cardiac

    We enable healthcare organizations to improve quality of care and outcomes while saving costs and helping patients return home. Our teams work with global manufacturers at the heart of healthcare. Our team is experienced in planning, staging, installing, servicing, and connecting cardiac systems in hospital, outpatient labs, or at home. We protect your data and deliver your project with quality and on time.

  • Women’s Health

    We are changing how work gets done. Learn more on how we can help your organization with all aspects of women’s health. Our team can serve you with specialized nursery and care, mobile mammography, monitoring, and surgical.

  • Clinical Education & Training

    Progressive Healthcare Solutions RN’s and trainers have bedside patient care and IT experience. We will unlock the potential of your healthcare technology solutions to assure all system users are knowledgeable and well informed.

  • Equipment Preventative & Maintenance Services

    Protect your investment and assure your customer’s ongoing satisfaction. We will keep your instruments in top condition including calibrations, upgrading, end of life transitions, and optimizing up time.

  • In-Home Medical Device Installation & Training

    Unique skill sets are required to be a trusted resource to enter your home and work with your loved one, patient, or client. Compassion and patience while delivering business outcomes drives our home installation representatives and trainers.

  • Remote Patient Monitoring Training & Support

    Industry indicators are predicting Remote Patient Monitoring is the lasting impact of COVID. Our staff must pass a background, drug, and FDA clearance process. We work with global manufacturers to provide device and training installation to securely manage acute and chronic conditions. We coordinate with the patient and caregiver to assure ease of use and adherence for the clinician to monitor treatment plans.

  • Health and Blood Pressure Kiosk

    We assist with installation and servicing of clinically validated health kiosks. Pharmacies, clinical, and work sites all have benefited coordination, project management, installation, training, and servicing of kiosks located in North America. Our team of over 400 employees are dispatched to assist should the need arise to provide service and maintenance.

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