Wireless Solutions

In today’s wireless world, Wi-Fi acts as the deployment for connecting users to the Internet and each other. Progressive Healthcare offers Wi-Fi solutions to mitigate intermitted wireless connections. The Wi-Fi network is secure, storing information via a cloud-based platform. 

Wireless Experience in Healthcare Organizations

Progressive Healthcare has years of experience verifying wireless networks for the unique needs of healthcare facilities. Our team ensures your network securely stores confidential data, and we offer wireless solutions to maintain reliable and connected communications no matter the complexity of the project. 

Creating an effective wireless network for healthcare organizations depends on numerous factorssuch as: 

  • The number of people using the network 
  • Your users’ network needs 
  • The layout of your facility 
  • Your facilities building materials 

Progressive Healthcare studies each of these factors in order to create and implement a wireless network that delivers consistent access to Wi-Fi for the healthcare facilityOur team is experienced in providing wireless solutions for the following healthcare facilities:  

  • Acute care centers 
  • Assisted living facilities 
  • Clinics 
  • Hospitals 
  • Intensive Care Units (ICU) 
  • Laboratories 
  • Operating rooms 

Managed Wi-Fi Services 

In addition to a strategically designed network, proactively managing and monitoring your healthcare facility’s Wi-Fi network is imperative. Progressive Healthcare’s Network Operations Center management solution ensures optimal connection and proactive issue remediation. The Network Operations Center allows our IT engineers to monitor your Wi-Fi 24/7 and stop potential threats before they affect your connectivity.   

Our Network Operations Center services include: 

  • Cloud-based management for optimal performance and problem resolution 
  • Layer 7 Control for optimal application visibility and performance enhancement 
  • Scalable to thousands of users and devices 
  • Powerful and intuitive management without the complexity of traditional wireless solutions 
  • Simple and customizable guest management 
  • Monitoring and alerts to continually protect your private network and confidential data 
  • Managed firewall threat detection, content filtering, IPS, anti-virus and anti-phishing 

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ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certification

The ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards allow Progressive Healthcare to consistently provide products to enhance customer satisfaction and meet any applicable statutory, regulatory, FDA, and legal requirements. This covers the intent and application to effectively implement and establish the Quality Management System covering activities related to:  

  • Medical Devices  
  • Contractual Servicing or Training for Government, Healthcare, & Commercial Entities
  • Networking Solutions

Further, the certification includes contractual services such as project management, installation, implementation, clinical training, and servicing of medical devices. It also includes call center services and management of IT solutions for network infrastructure, wireless, and clinical systems for the markets listed above.